Our Community

“Sargood Foundation embodies community”

The Sargood Foundation embodies community. In fact, the original name for The Sargood Foundation was The Collaroy Community Group. The Sargood Foundation has always enjoyed overwhelming community support from the local residents, local clubs and businesses and all three tiers of Government.

The Local Residents

The Sargood Foundation was originally the Collaroy Community Group, so the very foundation of this charity is thanks to the local residents.  You will be hard pressed to find a more supportive and proud local community!

The Local Clubs and Businesses

Businesses from local cafes to the Collaroy Beach Club and Long Reef Golf Club have been outstanding in supporting The Sargood Foundation. Such support includes holding fundraising events for us and in the case of Long Reef Golf Club managing the Paragolfer, a golf cart for less abled people. Dee Why RSL is also a great supporter, awarding us a local grant and supporting our fundraising initiatives.

The Local Government

The Sargood Foundation enjoys very strong relationships with representatives at all levels of government. In fact, The Foundation’s local council, Warringah have been overwhelming in their support of the project, deeming Collaroy to be an all abilities area by providing accessible pathways, an all abilities playground and surf club, and a free wheeler chair for swimming. To read more about this initiative, click here to visit council website.

The State and Federal Government

Without the tremendous financial support from the Lifetime Care and Support Authority, which is an Agency that falls within the Ministry of Finance, Services and Property of the NSW State Government, Sargood on Collaroy would not exist. The Premier Mike Baird MP and our local member Brad Hazzard MP are both very aware and very supportive of Sargood and The Sargood Foundation.

“Sargood is truly an inspirational place that turns people’s despair into hope.  I am so proud to be part of the community that is supporting the wonderful work of the Sargood Foundation”.

Premier Mike Baird MP

“It is a great honour for Warringah to be home to Sargood on Collaroy and we are proud of the small role we have played to date.  The efforts of the local community to establish it are to be applauded.  Council looks forward to continuing to work closely with The Sargood Foundation to ensure the Collaroy Accessibility Precinct continues to offer facilities for everyone of all abilities to enjoy.”

Michael Regan, Former Mayor of Warringah

“Sargood Foundation’s Collaroy facilities were born of community enthusiasm to do more for the people with spinal injuries. It will be an incredible place of hope for a better future.”

Brad Hazard MP

Invest in the future of people with spinal CORD injury